Eyebrow shaping and eyebrow removal techniques at home

In these days when everyone is staying at home, one of the most needed information, especially by women, is undoubtedly about eyebrow hair removal. While some women are satisfied with their natural shape without plucking their eyebrows, some women are unhappy with the shape of their messy and uneven eyebrows. Some women are already experienced as they are used to getting their eyebrows done at home. But we are in a difficult process for those who have no experience. Since the centers they regularly go to for eyebrow removal are closed, they are thoughtful about how to deal with this job at home; Because they think that they can damage their eyebrows with the wrong eyebrow removal, they need professional information support. So, how to shape eyebrows at home? How to get eyebrows at home? Here are eyebrow shaping techniques at home.


Actually there is. First, we can look at the common features of the eyebrows we like. From this point of view, we can define the ideal eyebrow shape that can be suitable for everyone to a certain extent.

What are the common features of eyebrows that are generally liked by the majority;

The beginning of the eyebrows is the thickest part. The eyebrows that are upright at the beginning look a bit harsh. The beginnings of the eyebrows start slightly horizontally, rise as they come to the midpoint of the eyebrows, a soft curve is formed, they begin to curve downwards and become thinner, and end at the thinnest point as they move towards the upper part of the ear.

Let’s imagine the eyebrows of people who have eyebrows that we like, even though they have never taken their eyebrows. Soft start, arch rise in the middle and tapering finish. Women can simply go in front of the mirror as a first step and check whether their eyebrows fit this definition. Oh, of course, I leave personal preferences aside; There are those who love straight without raising their eyebrows, and those who love hard curves. For those who are unhappy with the eyebrow shape I am talking about, who want to have a generally liked eyebrow shape, and who think about how I can shape my eyebrows without disturbing the natural look…


I can list the eyebrow shapes that are mostly disliked and should be considered when buying eyebrows as follows:

  • The beginnings are very close, the erect eyebrows make the face look hard.
  • Sharp curves make the gaze and expression look harsh.
  • Eyebrows that are too thick and too messy do not look aesthetically pleasing.
  • Very thin eyebrows make the expression look weak and at the same time make the face look fat.
  • Straight, raised eyebrows blur the expression and make the eyelids look low.
  • Very short eyebrows make the face look broad.
  • Too long eyebrows bring down the modern invisible face.
  • Round eyebrows. It makes the expression look confused, not modern.
  • The eyebrow tail part is very low, the eyebrows falling next to the eye make the face look sad, tired and aged.

And of course, the customization of this eyebrow shape, which we all like in general.

Of course, according to women with different face shape, eye shape and eyebrow structure, minor changes may be required in this ideal eyebrow shape.


Here are the tricks of the job in detail. In short, I can give these tips as follows;

  • Narrow, long faces can leave the end of their eyebrows long. This makes their face appear more oval. Round faces will appear more oval if their eyebrows are curved.
  • Square faces will appear more oval if their eyebrows are slightly broadly curved without thinning them.
  • People with diamond, inverted triangular faces can keep their eyebrows short, their faces seem more oval…

Also, I have tips for eye structure differences:

  • Wide-faced women whose eyes are far apart should not open their eyebrows too much so that their eyes look a little closer to each other.
  • On the contrary, those whose eyes are close to each other and narrow-faced can lift the eyebrows between the two eyebrows and open the beginning of the eyebrows a little, so that their eyes look a little far from each other.

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