Ideas and designs for short nails

Nail art is a creative way to beautify your nails . After a good manicure or pedicure, nothing better than decorating our nails with fun , elegant or extravagant designs .

Some styles are very interesting and complex to do, so it is natural to wonder: will these designs look good on short nails? The answer to this unknown is yes. There are many ideas and designs for short nails or micro extensions that are as delicate as they are beautiful.

Maybe you have a hard time growing your nails, suffer from brittle nails, or just feel more comfortable with short nails. If this is your case and you also love nail art, below we will share some designs for short nails that you can wear with great style.

Why wear short nails?

Keeping your nails short has many advantages .

  • It is much more hygienic and easy to maintain.
  • If you have small children, wear contact lenses, or work with your hands, wearing them long can be tricky. Many times having short nails makes your lifestyle easier.
  • The presentation of the nails says a lot about the time you invest in yourself and your image. Sometimes, it is difficult to find the time to do a good manicure, since the daily hustle and bustle of daily tasks usually take up a large part of the day. For this reason it is often easier to have short nails .
  • If you have brittle nails, it is also better to keep them short, this way you will not run the risk of breaking them in any activity. Remember that brittle nails, in some cases, may indicate a nutritional deficit. Pay attention to them and ask your doctor if you have any questions. If you want to have long nails, learn beforehand how to avoid brittle nails and methods to strengthen them.
  • The designs for short nails are endless. Creativity does not mean always creating complex or elaborate designs, but knowing what to do with what you have at hand . You can have short and pretty nails , and additionally decorate them with various easy and quick designs.

Trendy short nail designs

Below we will share some of the trending short nail designs that you can do on your own. Take note or save this article, and enhance your skills as a professional manicurist.

Reverse french

French does not go out of style. Still, there is a more versatile and innovative option. The reverse French is not very difficult to do and is super fun.

Color scheme

The color combination is very trendy. Choosing complementary tones is essential, so if you paint your nails purple, polish one in mustard yellow, black. Also try combining green with red or blue with orange, this way you can create a loud and striking effect.

Chic style with geometric figures

Geometric figures are always welcome, as they are easy to trace and add an interesting touch to the nails. Try this chic style and first practice on a piece of paper the shapes that you are going to draw on your nails, so there will be no margin for error. When you have them defined, combine them and select the colors.

Minimalist style

Minimalism combines with everything for its simplicity and drama . You don’t need almost anything to make these short nail designs , so just improvise sober lines in different places of the nails. It is better not to add details to all of them, this way it will look even more minimalist.

Tropical style

You will love the tropical style. Use earth colors and dare to leave a nail of a different color. Draw a jungle leaf and that way it will look very delicate and beautiful.

Estilo glitter rain

Glitter rain is a very festive and cute option that does not go out of style. Glitter is welcome on very short and well-manicured nails, so try these designs and you will never think that having short or small nails is something boring again .

How to paint short nails?

The designs in this article are designed to show off short and beautiful nails , as well as delicate and neat ones. They are easy and fast designs, so you don’t need to be an expert to make them come true.

Start by practicing your drawing technique with these designs that we have shared with you. Little by little you will acquire greater skill and you will surely create more daring styles and drawings.

The pulse is basic to draw and polish your nails. Make sure you always have your hands resting on a firm base and choose a place with natural light if possible. Be patient and try different designs , in this way you will discover which one looks best on you.

First of all, remember to do a good cleaning or maintenance manicure . A cuticle treatment will help you improve the appearance of your hand and you will be able to make the chosen style more appreciated. Learn how to design your nails step by step with this tutorial and make your short and shiny nails not go unnoticed.

Decorate nails like an expert

Manicure work is a trade that is increasingly required by different people, since the presentation of your hands says a lot about you and many people will pay attention to them.

If you decide to be a professional manicurist, that is, design nails like an expert, this is your moment. This job can help you get more income easily and quickly . Remember that the broader your knowledge on the subject and the more designs you know how to make, the better possibilities you will have.

Put these designs into practice for short or micro-extension nails. You will surely attract the attention of many curious people.

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