What Causes Hand Cracking?

Hand care is a very important issue. Our hands can be damaged for many reasons, just like our face. Hands that are extremely open to external influences; It dries up in winter due to cold and harsh weather and can also be affected by extremely hot weather in summer.

The main reason for hand cracking and drying is the loss of moisture due to external factors.

Hands affected by summer and winter weather changes are left without moisture. Hands that are sensitive to cold and hot water can be extremely worn out, except for the seasonal factor. Cracks and wrinkles occur on the skin. Apart from the use of cold water and hot water, chemical substances also cause serious damage to the hand. Especially cleaning materials are seriously irritating to the skin. Advanced hand cracks may bleed as they are damaged. Hand cracking can also occur due to hormonal changes experienced by women during pregnancy. The use of certain drugs may cause dryness in certain areas of the skin. These dryness can cause cracks over time. Hands are also among the most affected areas. Dermatitis, an extremely dry skin disease, can also manifest on the hand.

If you want your hands to be healthy, you should protect them from external factors. If no precautions are taken, dry hands and cracked hands can cause eczema in the long run.

What’s Good for Cracked Hands

The main cause of hand cracking is the lack of moisture in the skin. The first way to moisturize our skin is to consume plenty of water. If you do not meet your daily water needs, you may see dryness and cracking in certain parts of your body. Hand cracking is an example of this. Another method that can be good for cracked hands is to use moisturizing creams and lotions. Lotion , developed for both face and body, you can provide the moisture your hands need. Since your hands lose their moisture, they begin to crack and dry. You can limit the use of water so that the skin does not lose its moisture thoroughly. You should not wash your hands or take a shower in extremely hot or extremely cold water. It is also recommended that you do not extend the time you spend in the bathroom too much. It is recommended to limit contact with water to avoid dehydration. Using gloves while using products containing chemicals is another way to help crack hands. Apart from using chemical products, you can also wear gloves when you need to use very cold or very hot water. You should also wear gloves to protect your hands in cold weather. Since the Corona virus entered our lives, we have been paying double attention to hygiene and cleanliness. It can be damaged by hard soaps and chemical soaps used on your hands that you constantly soap. By making sure that the soaps you choose are not hard, you can prevent hand cracking and dry hands.

You can easily have soft hands with the small measures and care products you will take.

Mask Recommendations Good for Hand Cracks

You can make simple masks at home for stretch marks on your hands for various reasons. It is very easy to prepare masks with natural ingredients with the materials at home.

Discover the Miraculous Power of Oils

You can prepare masks that are good for hand cracks with olive oil, almond oil and avocado, which is a great source of oil. Olive oil is a must for skin, face, hair and nail care. It provides a great care for your dry and cracked hands caused by weather changes. With some olive oil, some Vaseline and a few drops of lemon juice, your mask is ready in 5 minutes. While olive oil and vaseline will provide the moisture care that your hands need, lemon will also provide a source of vitamin C and help heal cracks. Almond oil is an excellent source of moisture for skin, hair and nails. Even alone it will be enough to moisturize. But when you mix it with some honey, it will be a great cure. You can apply it to your hands with a massage and help moisturize and improve the cracks. You can do the same with avocado and coconut oil.

Enjoy and Care with Turkish Coffee

If you are drinking Turkish coffee, set aside the coffee grounds for your hands! Because coffee grounds create a peeling effect. Rub your hands thoroughly with the coffee grounds and leave for 5 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and have soft moist hands. With regular application, you will say goodbye to hand cracks and hand dryness.

Meet the Softness of Rose Water

The effects of rose water on the skin are indisputable. It softens the skin, balances the pH level, soothes acne and has many other effects. But rose water is very effective not only on the skin, but also in hand care. You can prepare a wonderful care water for your hands by dripping a few drops of almond oil in rose water. Leave your hands for 15-20 minutes and then you will have soft, moist hands.

Take advantage of your greenery

The benefits of greens to our body are indisputable. Especially cucumber and parsley are a very good detox source for our body. Cucumber and parsley are excellent sources for skin beauty, repair and hydration. Cucumber, parsley and a few drops of lemon juice in a blender until pureed into small pieces. Massage the mask into your hands and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. You can apply this mask on a weekly basis. It will be a nice source of moisture for your hands.

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