What is Pedicure?


Manicure and pedicure are the formulas of our hand and foot beauty. Manicure and pedicure are cosmetic treatments applied to make your hands and feet look healthy and beautiful. In this article, we will share with you the answers to the questions of what is a pedicure, how it is done and what are its benefits.

What is Pedicure?

Pedicure is the treatment and care methods applied for the health and beauty of the feet and toenails. Pedicure; It is formed by the combination of the words “pedi” meaning “foot” and “cure” meaning “treatment”. It first appeared in Egypt. Developed by the servant of the Egyptian pharaoh, this care today promotes the health and beauty of the feet and toenails.

How To Do Pedicure?

We should take care of our feet, which are the organs that carry us, and have them taken care of at regular intervals. Pedicure procedures are performed as follows.

  • Toenails are shortened. This shortening process should be more than the finger nails in order not to damage the shoes.
  • Nails are filed and softening cream is applied to the bottoms.
  • The feet are soaked in warm water for 5 minutes to soften them.
  • After the waiting process, the cuticles are carefully cut.
  • The final shape of the nails is given with the final filing process.
  • With the cream, the feet are massaged and the feet are moistened.
  • Feet and nails are freed from the cream. The pedicure process is completed by applying nail polish.

We have completed the hand and foot care procedures. Now come, what are the benefits of manicure and pedicure; Let’s see together.

Pedicure Benefits

Below, we have listed the benefits of hand and foot care. Here are the benefits of manicure and pedicure:

  1. It increases blood circulation. Peeling and massage applied during foot care increase blood circulation. It also provides mobility of the joints.
  2. It reduces stress. Massages applied during pedicure procedures help to relax the feet. It reduces stress in those areas. This also relaxes you.
  3. Smooth skin and smooth nails. If you have a pedicure regularly, you will ensure that your feet and nails are constantly smooth and soft.
  4. It protects the health of your nails. Thanks to a pedicure, your nails will be healthier and stronger. This, in turn, reduces the chance of your nails catching fungus and other infections.

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