Pedicure in Buddha Nail Studio

In order for the legs to feel comfortable and look attractive, it is necessary to take care of them regularly. A pedicure is one of those procedures that will help keep your feet healthy and beautiful for many years to come.Professional pedicure is a comprehensive foot care that allows you to improve the appearance and health of both the feet and the whole body, thanks to the mass of reflex points located on the feet. In Buddha Nail Studio you can sign up for a pedicure procedure of any type.


About the Pedicure in Buddha Nail Studio


A classic pedicure involves steaming the feet in a special bath, followed by cutting and filing nails, removing the cuticle, and treating the foot with special tools. Its disadvantages are the use of water as a beneficial environment for various kinds of fungi, as well as cutting tools, dangerous in terms of the possibility of infection with HIV and hepatitis.


In the pros – ease of execution and affordability. A European pedicure is devoid of the disadvantages of an edged one – neither a foot bath, nor piercing and cutting tools are used here. Roughened skin is removed with a special softening composition, the cuticle is not cut off, but is treated with a special tool and moved away with a special stick. The shape of the nails is corrected with files. The downside of a European pedicure is that it can only be used on well-groomed feet. And the result of care may not be visible immediately, but after 5-10 procedures, and they should be done regularly. In the pros – very gentle care, allowing you to offer this option for a client of any gender and all age groups and an affordable price. Most often, it is unedged pedicure that is combined with French nail design, although it would be wrong to call European pedicure French – French pedicure can also be combined with hardware and classic. Hardware pedicure, as the name implies, is made by the device – a special rotating device with a huge number of burs-nozzles. Hardware pedicure is able to cope with many problems, and various kinds of medical pedicure are often not complete without the participation of the device. Hardware can be both female and male pedicure, and even for children – the differences will be in the choice of nozzles.

Buddha Nail Studio provides high quality service and care towards customers.


Today we are ready to offer our clients all types of manicure: Usually, speaking of a pedicure, we mean a pedicure with a nail plate coated with varnish or gel polish. Our beauty studio offers trendy shellac pedicures. The shellac pedicure is the perfect solution for those who are on vacation and don’t have the ability or desire to do regular pedicure updates, a convenience for anyone who wants to have beautiful nails with little effort. Our cosmetology center is also pleased to offer you the already classic version of French coverage. To look perfect to your fingertips on your wedding day, our masters will offer you a special wedding pedicure. Service cost We have transparent and understandable prices for all services. For more information about prices, please follow the link to On-line registration.


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