The ideal nail shape for your hands – how to choose?

Every woman wants to have beautiful hands, and manicure has always been a popular beautification fashion. However, nail art trends in recent years do not cease to amaze us, and it is fair to say that the current nail shapes have numbered more than ten or fifteen. Every new shape is instantly available in a multitude of variations and the wildest expectations have already been exceeded. Our advice to those who are always looking for the best shape is always the same: whether the nail shape is classic or extravagant, it is important for the lady to respond to her character and develop her personal style. To make it easier for you to choose the ideal shape and satisfy your curiosity, we have prepared a list of classic and modern nail shapes.

Oval or round nail shape

It was created by filing the nails in the shape of a half moon. It is a universal shape, reminiscent of the natural nail shape. You can wear it on short or medium length nails. This type of nail symbolizes femininity and youth and fits well on almost any type of finger. Suitable nail art for oval nails are half-moon manicure and pure monochrome manicure or certain stylish patterns.

Almond nail shape

This shape got its name from the almond nut as it imitates its shape. You create the edges of the nails by filing them upwards and creating a rounded tip. It was a somewhat forgotten form that was brought to the present day and is now enjoying great success. It goes well with long nails. If you have short fingers, you can benefit from this because these types of nails make the fingers thinner. A light nail art with sequins or rhinestones will complement this shape very well.

Square nail shape

One of those classic shapes that should be a bit retro but still trendy. It fits well on medium length nails and looks very stylish on short nails. Square nails have parallel sides and a flat top. Due to the flat top, this shape shortens the fingers and is more suitable for women with long fingers. All nail art styles fit well with this shape, but manicure with a graphic pattern is perhaps the ideal option. Matte and neutral colors will perfectly enhance this style. The square shape may be slightly rounded at the top (square oval or squoval) or flat at the top but rounded at the edges (square-round).

Ballerina nail shape

A truly sophisticated shape that suits very long nails. The memory of the 90s is currently revalued and gaining many followers. Similar to an almond nail shape, the edges are well filed but the top is aligned. As with almond nails, the colors you should prefer are pearl, light and soft tones. Nude pink is ideal for this type of nails. Matte varnishes are also a good choice.

Stiletto nail shape

These are very long and pointed nails. They are created by filing the lower diagonal edges so that the two lines come together to form a pointed end. It is not easy to support this exaggerated form. You should use strengthening serums and always use quality polishes. It is imperative that the gel is applied to the top of the nail. Aquarium manicure is very typical and goes very well with this form.

Russian almond nail shape

It is a shape that combines elements of two styles, almond style and square style. The tip is pointed but not too much, the edges curve slightly upwards but still stay almost parallel. As for the stiletto shape, you have to visit a nail salon to get this type of nail.

Create edge

The sides are all or nearly parallel and the nail ends in an upside down V, which some call the roof shape of the house.

How do you choose the best nail shape for your hands?

The first thing to mention is that pointed or oval shapes elongate and thin the fingers, while square shapes shorten the fingers.

Long, thin fingers

All nail styles will suit you but some are really made for you. The shapes that will complement your fingers beautifully are the square shape and the oval square shape. The aligned top of the square shape makes your fingers and hands look wider and balances the natural delicacy of your hand. If you round the edges of the nails and leave the upper part flush, you will get a stylish look. These nails look like jewels on your fingertips and are less likely to break than pointed nails. Russian almond shape is also possible on thin fingers

Long and wide fingers

The oval shape is the first to highlight your long and wide fingers. This shape is easy to maintain, elegant and very feminine. It is suitable for practical women who are not afraid of physical activities and masculine occupations and manage their daily life well. Another possible option that will satisfy you is the almond shape. This style’s slender sides, slightly tapered shape and rounded top make your hands look slimmer and elegant.

Short and wide fingers

These are all pointed-nosed shapes, as well as the shape of a ballerina – oval, almond, stiletto. These shapes add a subtle and elegant element, such as a pointed or slightly pointed tip, to make the round hands feel that way.

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