Tips for Waxing at Home

Waxing is undoubtedly the most effective, healthiest but most distracting solution to get rid of unwanted hair. For this reason, many of the women who prefer wax are in favor of leaving this job to the professionals. It is not possible to justify them in these decisions. Hairdressers can handle a wax that you can do at home by spending hours in a much shorter time and perfectly.

Tips for Waxing at Home

However, if you are still obsessed with hygiene or do not want to spend money on it regularly, it is possible to do your waxing job at home more easily. By taking a look at the tips below, you can get rid of negative situations such as redness, pain and irritation in your next waxing experience, and you can overcome this at home in a much more practical way.

1. Make Sure Your Hair Is Long Enough

If you want to get the best results from waxing, you need to wait for your hair to grow at least half an inch. It is also possible to remove shorter hairs with wax, but you need to pay attention to some techniques. If you want, you can wait for the hairs to grow out or try to thread the remaining short hairs.

2. Keep the Wax Warm Enough

If you take your wax from the heat source after heating it, your wax will start to cool and harden after a while. This causes the wax to be both ineffective and hurt you more. You can get wax heaters to keep the wax at the same temperature all the time.

3. Keep Your Skin Tense

You should take care to keep your skin taut while waxing. If you try to remove wax without stretching your skin, especially in soft and sensitive areas, it may hurt a lot and you will not get any results from waxing. The main purpose here is to wax the hair, not the skin. But if you also wax your skin, this time get ready to say hello to bruises that appear in a few minutes!

4. Prepare Your Skin for Waxing

If your skin is clean and dry, you will get the best results from waxing. Waxing on unclean skin invites redness and acne. If you are going to use glaze wax and your skin is oily, waxing may not work at all. Therefore, clean the area to be waxed using only water and a delicate soap, and start waxing after gently drying it. At the same time, if you lightly powder your skin before waxing, you will minimize the irritation effect of waxing.

5. Apply in Thin Layers

Although applying a thick layer of wax may give you the impression that you will get a more effective result, do not believe it. If you apply the wax in a thin layer, it will be much easier for all the wax to get rid of your skin when you pull the wax strip and you will hurt less. Contrary to popular belief, a thin layer of wax is also very effective in removing all your hair. When applying wax, be careful to apply it at a 45-degree angle to your skin, in the direction of hair growth.

6. Don’t Take the Wax Slowly

Waxing slowly is one of the worst mistakes to make. In this way, it will hurt you much more, and all the hairs will stay where they are. You should pull the wax strip quickly and in one motion, against the direction of hair growth. If you find it too difficult to do this yourself, you can get help from someone at home.

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