What is manicure and what is its importance?

The English word manicure comes from the French word manicure, which derives from the Latin words manus (hand) and cura (care).

Manicure is an activity to care for and beautify fingernails. Likewise, the person who does that job is called the job and the trade in question.

It can be said that manicure consists of a cosmetic treatment of the hands, especially the nails that have been filed, trimmed and painted. Although it is a very old application, its popularity has increased rapidly in recent times.

Hands are always in sight, performing hundreds of actions and functions that harm their health. Thus, the skin of the hands, including the nails, suffers the wear and tear caused by direct contact with chemicals and detergents, pollutants, infectious agents, and even sun exposure that affects the skin, and also causes serious problems such as allergies and irritations. , infections and premature aging.

Manicure can be of several types:

Long is a complete treatment in which a deep cleansing is done, masks are applied and massages are applied not only to the hands, but also to the arms and fingers.

In short, it is a normal manicure that includes hand massages, as opposed to not containing a mask.

A good manicure means removing dirt from nails very well and removing dead cells and impurities to moisturize the skin afterwards and lead to softer and smoother hands.

5 benefits of manicure

Manicure is a beauty technique for the care and beautification of nails. A well-done manicure helps to show hands with a beautiful, clean, soft and well-groomed appearance that reflects many things about one’s personality and lifestyle. Buddha Nail Studio applies advanced technologies to manicure to provide you with a long-lasting professional service.

What do you want your hands to say about you?

Benefits of manicure

Helps keep nails in perfect condition. It beautifies and enhances hands as well as complementing a person’s overall style.

A correct and professional manicure can be used to disguise or hide minor nail anomalies and even correct some deformities.

Manicure is an ideal beauty treatment to keep nails healthy and beautiful.

Manicure should be considered as a hygiene treatment as well as an aesthetic and beauty technique.

A monthly manicure is recommended to prevent excessive cuticle growth and to give the nails a proper shape.

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