7 ideas of elegant acrylic nails for wedding

Over the years, fashion has varied quite a bit. The hair, the beard and even the tattoos and piercings are a faithful example of this.

But if we talk about trends, we cannot leave nails aside. There are so many possible shapes and styles that choosing one can be a challenge; especially if you are getting ready for a special date or event.

Acrylic wedding nails are one of the most used. But, before delving into the subject, we must define: What are acrylic nails? What are they for? and what are its benefits? In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about them. Continue reading!

Why choose acrylic nails?

The first thing to know about acrylic nails is that they are not natural. His creation is born from the mixture of acrylic powder with monomer, which forms a paste that, when placed on the nail, dries and hardens. Subsequently, it takes the desired shape and consistency.

The benefits of these are not only aesthetic. The false nails for the bride are also used to rebuild broken and bitten nails, in addition to protecting the natural nail and being more resistant. Additionally, they can be given any shape you want, which makes them much more versatile.

7 acrylic nail ideas for a wedding

The variety of styles and colors that can be used in the decoration of these nails is very wide. Finding the perfect combination that leaves us satisfied can be difficult, and it is even possible that we are not happy with the result.

It is for this reason that we have compiled some of the best options for this special day. If you are thinking of doing your nails, review the types of acrylic nails that we will leave you below:

Nails with initials

This style is subtle and elegant for the bride’s nails . The base maintains its natural color, as we know it, but the golden letters mark the initials of the couple. This gives them the distinctive touch to make the wedding a unique event.

Stylish embroidery nails

These nails for a bride are a nice detail and combine perfectly with the chosen dress. As in the previous case, the base maintains its natural color, but the bride’s veil is embroidered in white with a gold outline at the tip. Look radiant in your day!

wild flowers

If you are looking for white nails for the bride , these may be the ones indicated. Painted white wildflowers make this design not only elegant and pretty, but also subtle and not too flashy.

gold foil

This is another trending style of elegant bridal nails . Nails with gold foil are ideal for those people who prefer to get out of the traditional and change the usual color. With gold, as bright as it is beautiful, you will dazzle all the wedding guests.

mirror effect nails

Mirror effect bridal nails can be any color you want, their main feature is added shine. A pastel pink or off white is recommended for this design.

snow and sparkles

Among the white bridal nail designs , this one must be the most eye-catching. They go perfectly with the dress, and the silver sparkles will match the wedding ring. Come try them!

marbled effect

The classics never go out of style. These regular smoky marble effect nails can be perfect. They are beautiful, subtle and extremely pleasing to the eye.

Tips to keep acrylic nails longer

As we already said before, acrylic nails can be beautiful and beneficial. Not only do they look good, but they also protect the natural ones and complement very well with any look we have, as long as we choose the right ones.

Knowing how to do nail designs is important, but taking care of them is more. Follow these tips and make your acrylic nails last longer:

Touch up every two weeks

Acrylic nails can last between six and eight weeks, but for this it is important to carry out maintenance. Remember that it is recommended to touch them up a couple of times during their life and apply a filler that serves to cover the space between the acrylic and the natural nail.

Avoid infections

With acrylic nails you run the risk of contracting fungi and bacteria due to moisture. To avoid this, it is important to keep them low, and in the event of a lift, return to the place where they were made to close them. The use of glue of any kind should also be avoided.

Trim and avoid pressure

Acrylic nails are very fragile, and it is for this reason that it is necessary to treat them with extreme care. You should not apply pressure on them, since they can break easily as they are longer. You can also cut them to avoid these inconveniences.

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