Discover the Chrome Nail Trend!

One of the latest trends in nail art and nails concerns the chrome effect, also called ” mirror effect nails “. It is a type of processing that makes the surface of the nail reflective precisely like a mirror, on a chromed base. It can be made with color variants based on the color of the base enamel chosen, but the final effect will always remain chrome. Let’s see in detail how to reproduce it, what materials are needed and some tricks to make chrome nails perfect.


To perform a chrome-effect nail art , some materials are essential that we will see below. In any case, it is a fairly simple and fast nail decoration, which does not require great practical skills. Anyone who wants a work of excellence done by a professional in the sector can contact Simona Stallone in Rome, who performs these works and many other types of nail art and/or nail reconstruction with the various current methodologies. To carry out a chrome plating of the nails it will therefore be necessary:

  • a semi- permanent nail polish (or a classic nail polish) covering black;
  • a clear top coat;
  • a UV or LED lamp for the polymerization of the gel polish;
  • an unused eyeshadow applicator;
  • a silver pigment in loose powder.

After preparing the natural nails or having performed a reconstruction, therefore, you can proceed with the chrome effect nail art .


In the classic chrome plating, the nails, natural or reconstructed, are covered over the entire surface with a uniform black enamel which is useful for creating the base for the mirror effect. In some cases it is more it is recommended to use a black semi-permanent nail polish to be polymerised in a lamp, to obtain a truly precise and flawless result. If you use a classic nail polish, just wait for it to dry completely in the air, if instead you choose semi- permanent nail polish , you will first need to degrease the nail and then proceed as follows. To make the technique better, it will be useful to perform two coats of gel polish or two coats of classic nail polish. You will then have to take a clean eyeshadow applicator and dip it in a silver pigment in loose powder, then the applicator will have to be rubbed over the entire surface of the nail, being careful to cover it evenly and not to touch the cuticles. Once this phase is over, you can remove the excess free powder simply by gently shaking your hand, and then apply a coat of transparent nail polish, in order to seal everything. After having polymerized the latter in a lamp, the nail can be degreased. Et voilĂ , the chrome effect!


The classic chrome nail effect is the one that involves the use of a black nail polish base, but video tutorials on how to obtain variations are crazy on the web. In addition to being able to change the color of the loose powder pigment, for example by choosing gold, bronze or rose gold, you can also play with the color of the base enamel. Therefore, by combining a chalk white base with the silver pigment, always carrying out the same procedure, it will be possible to obtain a much clearer and more vivid mirror effect that beats more on pure silver; likewise, using a red enamel base and a golden pigment, a decidedly dark gold mirror effect will be obtained and so on. The craziest combinations can give rise to truly original and interesting chrome to play with and indulge in to obtain the best mirror effects. There are also the most whimsical nail art on a base of chrome nails.


Those who just can’t settle for the classic trend of the moment and want to add a pinch of originality can perform the shaded mirror effect on chrome nails . The trick is to brush a black and a white nail polish on a sponge with which you will dab the nail to obtain the shaded base, then wait for it to dry completely and proceed with the application of the silver pigment in free powder over the entire surface . The final effect will be of great impact, because the chrome plating will tend to have a darker shade where there is black enamel, gradually going towards a lighter silver where there is white enamel.

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