How to fix a broken nail: products, solutions and last minute remedies

Repairing a broken nail is possible through practical and functional emergency remedies: here’s how to quickly save the manicure until the next session at the beautician!

How to fix a broken nail: products, solutions and last minute remedies

A broken nail is always a big nuisance. If then, the chipping occurs before an interview, a gallant outing or an important meeting, it can become a tragedy! Running to the beautician at the last minute isn’t always possible and, unless you know a nail artist available, things get complicated. What to do? Don’t worry, be happy: there are cheap DIY remedies that allow you to repair a broken nail instantly. How to do? Keep reading the article: you’ll discover the techniques and products you need to fix your manicure and get back to showing off beautiful nails. Repairing a broken nail: when to do it Hands, needless to say, are the first calling card : if taken care of, they reflect a positive image of the person. It happens, unfortunately and for various reasons, that the nails suffer a break or that, inadvertently, they splinter. How to act? You know, waiting for them to grow back takes time and patience. But then, why wait? Most of the time it’s not necessary. When a nail breaks in half , or when it gets chipped, or again, when it gets scratched, instead of resorting to drastic remedies – shortening both the broken nail and the others – it is possible to opt for a last minute repair : fast and definitely more accessible. The possible problems, for which immediate appeal and reparation are essential, are specifically:

  • Splitting of the nail in the middle of the nail bed: when the nail splits in the middle of its length, but does not detach.
  • Breakage of the nail at the stress point : most of the time it is referred to the reconstructed nails.
  • Cracking at the corner of the nail
  • Scratching of the nail surface

Ergo: yes, to a definitive ” cut ” where there are no conditions to “save” appearances; no, when a home solution that allows you to keep the original nail is feasible . It goes without saying that these precautions provide for remedial but not miraculous solutions. The broken nail must not be completely compromised, but refer – as alleged – to chips, breaks in half or chipping and scratches. Broken nail what to do Since nails , in general, grow from 1.8 mm to 4.5 mm per month , waiting for them to grow back – as mentioned in the previous paragraph – involves too long a timescale which, for various reasons, we cannot always accept. So, broken nail what to do ? The first solution we instinctively think of is to glue the manicure . Furthermore, when cracks occur, it is possible for injuries to occur jointly. For this reason, a rescue maneuver should be performed as the first procedure . Let’s see in detail the steps to be carried out:

  • Carefully wash the wound caused by the broken nail with clean water , then applying disinfectant (or hydrogen peroxide), you will avoid the onset of pathogens.
  • If the pain persists, apply ice , it will also reduce any bleeding.
  • In case you don’t have an immediate urgency to repair the nail , in the evening, you could apply an antibiotic ointment to avoid the appearance of mycosis.

At the end of the first aid action – which we repeat is not always necessary – you can proceed with the repair of the broken nail. The following paragraphs will show you different do-it-yourself alternatives that are easy and can be solved immediately. However, to avoid breaking a nail, it is important to implement effective prevention by applying a moisturizing cream every day and avoiding aggressive solvents . A balanced diet , rich in vegetables and fruit, is an additional panacea.

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