5 mistakes made during manicure

“It’s my job to do manicures at home!” Do you think and think that you have mastered this job well? While cutting the cuticle, you may be damaging your nails by making many mistakes with the wrong file movements.

Here are the 5 most common mistakes in manicure and their correctness.

Do not cut your nails

If you are trying to cut your nails more than necessary before starting the manicure and then try to shape them with a file, you are on the wrong track. Because you usually cut your nails longer than you want and still make it impossible to shape. Start the manicure by filing your nails first, if your nails are too long, cut them in half and continue to shape the rest by filing them.

Do not cut your cuticles

Don’t cut your cuticles, push them in. You don’t need a special product or tool for this! All you have to do is push your cuticles back while in the shower. It is very easy to do this process as your skin softens while you are in the shower.

Filing back and forth

File your nails in one direction only. With back and forth rasp movements, your nails lose their shine and wear out.

Your nails must be completely clean

When starting a manicure, your nails should be clean. There should not be any cream residue on your nail tops. The oily cream layer remaining on your nail can be difficult when applying your nail polish. To eliminate this problem, drop a small amount of nail polish remover on a tissue and go over your nails.

Don’t forget your nail tips!

While doing your own manicure at home, we hastily forget the details before our eyes. The simplest example is not applying enough nail polish and preservatives to your nail tip. After applying your nail polish, check your nail tips by holding your finger up. After applying your nail polish, apply a coat of nail polish protectant, and then do not forget to go over your nail tips with the tip of the brush. If you skip this step, your nail polish will last less and your manicure will deteriorate in a shorter time.

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