Fastest Nail Extension Methods

We are here with the fastest nail extension methods! If you want to grow your nails but can’t manage, you are in the right place. We tell you everything we know to make your nails grow fast without breaking! Here are the quick and easy nail extension methods you should know …

1. Nail extension with vitamin E

Among the rapid nail growth methods at home, vitamin E capsules are very often preferred. You can open vitamin E capsules and mix them into hand-nail cream, or you can massage your nails alone. When you apply vitamin E cure regularly, you will see that your nails grow in a healthy way.

2. Nail extension with olive oil

Olive oil cure is another method that provides fast growth of nails. In addition, it makes the hands look much more well-groomed as it moisturizes the nails and cuticles. After dripping olive oil on a cotton ball, you can massage your nails. After curing the olive oil, you can put a glove on your hands and let it wait for a while.

3. Nail extension with coconut oil

Coconut oil , like olive oil, provides nourishment and healthy growth of nails. It also strengthens the nails and prevents them from breaking. You can massage your nails with coconut oil to lengthen your nails and then put on gloves. You can also add vitamin E to this sphere.

4. Nail extension with biotin

Biotin is an ingredient that supports the production of keratin, which supports hair and nail growth. You can use biotin supplements (you should consult your pharmacist or doctor first) or consume foods containing biotin for rapid growth of your nails. Foods containing biotin are carrots, eggs, salmon and nuts. For more detailed information, you can browse our content on the benefits of biotin .

5. Nail extension with vinegar cure

Vinegar cure is also frequently preferred as a quick nail extension method at home . White vinegar also prevents yellowing of nails. All you have to do is put white vinegar in a bowl and soak your nails within 5 minutes. Then you can clean your hands and apply moisturizer.

6. Nail extension with lemon

The lemon nail extension method is the most popular of the natural nail extension techniques applied at home. Lemon, which is very rich in vitamin C, provides fast growth of nails, and removes yellowing of nails with its whitening feature. You can wash your nails by rubbing them directly with lemon juice .

To make a weekly nail care cure, before you do a manicure at home , you can mix some olive oil and lemon juice, massage your nails and leave it on your nails for 10-15 minutes, then wash it off.

Along with natural nail extension methods, you can make your nails grow faster by paying attention to the following steps. Here is the answer to the question of how to extend nails fast: Use some nail polish

You can use some nail polish to make your nails stronger and not break . Nail polish bases usually contain calcium and vitamin E and help strengthen the nail.

Moisturize often

You need to moisturize your nails so that they are nourished and grow faster. You can apply hand and nail creams as needed during the day.

Keep away from excess water

Frequently keeping hands in water while cleaning or doing household chores, or even exposing them to chemicals such as detergents, can cause them to break more easily. That’s why you should not forget to use gloves while doing housework.

Hard filing

Filing nails harshly can damage the nail bed. Therefore, when filing your nails, you should file them in one direction, with gentle movements.

Excessive use of acetone

Touching the nails with various chemicals can negatively affect nail health. Just like cleaning supplies, excess acetone can damage nails. You can choose acetones by drinking vitamin E and nourishing the nail.

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