Glitter Nail Polish: How to Apply?

Glitter nail polishes

Glittery nail polishes that we wanted to mix with every color became our latest craze. If you love glittery nail polishes like Buddha Nail Studio, you will love this article. Now we share with you a few tricks to make glittery nail polishes look brighter and more radiant.

For the most beautiful nail polish colors for the winter, we suggest you meet the glitters.

How to apply glitter nail polish?

All of us want it to look brighter and more intense when applying glittery nail polish. To achieve this look, we usually apply layers of glittery nail polish. Thanks to the method we will tell you today, you can achieve the density you want in just one coat. All you need for this is glittery nail polish and a sponge! Yes, the sponge plays a big role in applying glittery nail polish. If you’re wondering how it’s done, keep reading! First of all, for this process, you should choose the appropriate size and clean sponge for the nail size. Apply the glitter nail polish directly to your sponge, not your nail. Apply the nail polish, which you put on your sponge in several layers, with buffer movements. Thus, you will have more glitter and less nail polish look. When you apply the glitter nail polish directly to your nail, there may be gaps between the glitters, but thanks to the sponge technique, you can apply more abundant glitter to your nails in one go.

How to make asymmetric nail art?

You can get help from bands to get the asymmetrical glittery lines on nails that have been popular in recent years. You will create silvery lines on your nails thanks to the nail art tapes sold in different ways. We believe you will achieve this look without tape after a few tries. Since glittery nail polish colors also adapt to the “live” trends of the last period, we are often confused about diversity and we often find ourselves renewing our nail polishes. We are sure that you will get great looks with our suggestions!

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