Material for manicure: understand how to choose!

One of the main issues for those who are going to start their professional life as a manicurist is the list of materials they will have to acquire. It is common to be afraid of buying an exaggerated or insufficient amount of items.

For those who work with nail care and beauty, the doubt about the list of manicure supplies involves the number of nail polish colors, products and accessories for certain techniques used. Some items are disposable and perishable, others have such a specific use that it can make choosing difficult.

Therefore, it is important to understand that many products are purchased over time and according to the needs of the clientele. However, there are materials that are essential for a professional manicure.

What is the importance of products for a manicure?

For beauty professionals, having the best products and equipment available is very important to perform tasks effectively. So for manicures, it’s no different. It is essential to understand the items that cannot be missing, as well as how to use, discard or sanitize them.

The beauty of the nails is essential for the appearance of people, after all, well-groomed hands always make a good impression. In this way, every manicure must offer the best products and results in order to promote the well-being, safety and satisfaction of its customers. It is also a way to differentiate yourself from the competition and value your service.

What should I have on my manicure supplies list?

Thinking about the essential items for professionals in the treatment and beauty of nails, we made a list of manicure supplies. Follow!

Pliers and autoclave

The pliers are responsible for removing the cuticles and giving the finish to the nails. Therefore, it is a very important item for this list. The main ones to buy are curved cut (for the feet) and straight cut (for the hands). Also, it’s important to have a nail clipper.

The sterilization and cleaning of the pliers is essential, as they are always in contact with body fluids from clients. Autoclaves are cleaning equipment for these items, present in beauty salons.

varieties of nail polish

In order to meet the tastes of the clientele, it is important to offer a variety of colors to choose from. Search for shade trends and choose those that, in addition to having quality, durability and good pigmentation, match several occasions, such as:

  • light colors, such as shades of nude, milky white and rosé – fit into a basic and chic look for everyday life, weddings, among other more discreet events;
  • Warm, vibrant colors like red, purple, and metallic tones—for a bold, sensual, and elegant look, perfect for parties, travel, and special occasions.


This item is used to retreat the cuticles from the corners of the nails, which makes it easier to remove. Metal spatulas are most effective in this process and must be sterilized before use. It is common for professionals in the field to have a kit made of this material, as it is more durable and gives a better finish.

Strengthening bases

Choosing good bases is very important for strengthening, protecting and finishing nails. This product is also quite effective when applied before nail polish. So opt for a variety to suit different nail types and purposes.

Cuticle creams and oils

The cream and oil are essential items in moisturizing the hands and softening the cuticles for removal, in addition to facilitating the cleaning of the nail polish around the nail. It also helps to maintain hygiene and health in the region.

Nail polish remover

To replace the acetone, we recommend the use of nail polish remover, as this product is less harmful to the nails, which maintains their health and easily eliminates any trace of the paint. That way, you maintain care, cleanliness and have a quality result.


To polish the tips of the nails, sandpaper is an essential item. In addition, it helps to minimize imperfections. You can opt for polishers and you have disposable options too.

How important are these products?

Over the years, concern for quality and specific materials is increasingly required. Hygiene and safety techniques for professionals and clients , according to Anvisa, must be considered by manicurists.

Thus, to have professional recognition in the treatment and beauty of nails, it is important to have the correct materials in your kit. This will help in the result of your work and, consequently, in your earnings.

Not to mention that a good manicurist is always looking for new techniques, trends, products, materials and methods to make his work easier. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the advances in the area and please customers. Many women, for example, like to have their nails decorated or do some kind of stretching to make them stronger, bigger and more beautiful.

How to correctly choose products?

To choose correctly, it is essential to do research on the brands that are references for each type of product. However, the variety of options can be confusing when deciding. With that in mind, here are some criteria to consider. Are they:

  • brands of excellence in the market;
  • quantity of items;
  • whether it is a child or an adult;
  • formulas that value people’s health;
  • hypoallergenic products (in the case of nail polish).

What are the benefits of a manicure having quality material?

Being a good professional is essential, however, it is not the main criterion for the survival of your business. Therefore, opt for quality products to get good results and, above all, not to put customers at risk.

Invest in materials from recognized brands concerned with nail health . That way, you can attract and satisfy more customers, adding value to your service and increasing the salon’s profit.

Now that you know the list of manicure supplies and their importance, you will be able to improve the quality of the procedures and, consequently, retain customers. Remember to analyze the product options on the market and choose those with quality to ensure the beauty, protection and health of your nails.

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