Discover the types of nail extensions and which one suits you

Nails say a lot about a woman. However, it is difficult for many people to keep them healthy and beautiful all the time. That’s because the work routine and household chores can get in the way of that time dedicated to personal care. Therefore, knowing the types of nail extensions will help you choose the best option for you to keep your hands beautiful for longer.

Stretching is a great option to avoid nail biting addiction, as it makes it easier to control yourself and give up this habit, among other benefits. Therefore, there are several techniques that are very accepted and sought after, as they leave the hands beautiful and cared for.

With that in mind, we have separated the main types of nail extensions to find out which one suits you best. Check out!

Gel nails

Gel stretching is the most sought after in salons, as it is easy to do, is hypoallergenic and has no smell. In addition, this procedure takes an average of 2 hours and maintains the integrity of natural nails. The technique lasts 3 months, but for that, maintenance must be done every 15 days by a professional.

When applying, at first, the manicurist applies a gel base. After that, a few layers of silicone gel are applied to shape and model the nails. Afterwards, drying must be done in a cabin with LED or ultraviolet light. Finally, a top coat (finishing coverage) is applied to seal.

This technique must be done with quality materials, otherwise it can cause nail allergies.

acrylic nails

This stretch draws a lot of attention from women today. It consists of a mixture of acrylic powder and liquid that form a clay used on the base and extension of the nail. However, the product dries on its own and it is not necessary to use a cabin.

In this way, the mixture can stiffen more than the other types of stretching, so it becomes difficult to reach a natural result. However, if done by a good professional and with the correct technique, the appearance is very close to the original nails.

If this type of stretching is well taken care of, it can last up to 1 year. Despite this, maintenance is required for 20 to 30 days, taking into account the growth of natural nails.

fiberglass nails

This type of nail extension is made with fiberglass thread. It is a very resistant technique and ideal for women who work typing, for example. If well cared for, it can last several months. For this, maintenance must be done every 20 or 30 days by a professional. The application time for this stretching is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The glass fibers are encapsulated with a pink coloring gel directly on the nail. The wires help to shape leaving the extension slightly curved. Therefore, the result is very natural, since the layers are not so thick. Customers can paint their nails at home, but nail polish remover is needed instead of acetone. For the drying of this material, an ultraviolet light cabin is necessary.

nail armor

Shielding, also known as a gel or nail polish bath, is a technique for those who suffer from weak and brittle nails. That’s because it helps with natural growth, prevents chipping and increases the durability of enamel . In addition, it protects against possible mycoses and infections, giving it a more rigid and healthy appearance.

This technique consists of covering the surfaces with gel or acrylic, however, it does not lengthen the nails. The positive point for health is that this process does not involve glue and takes about 1 hour to be done. However, drying needs to be done in a light cabin. Also, the duration time is 15 to 20 days.

false nails

False nails are ideal for those women who want practicality and speed. They are mainly used when a last-minute event arises and you don’t have time to do a more elaborate production in your hands. There are self-adhesive and colored materials, which do not need to apply nail polish.

The advantage of this type of stretching is that it can be applied in a few minutes at home . However, it should not be used frequently, because the material creates a space between it and the natural nail that can generate moisture, being an entrance for fungus. Therefore, hygiene care in the region needs to be maintained to avoid possible diseases and infections.

nails with acrylfix

Acrilfix extension is a simple and innovative technique compared to other types of nail extensions. After all, essential items in other procedures are expendable for this one. Also, you don’t need to use a cabin for drying, the nails are perfect and natural.

The items for this procedure are very basic and easy to have at home. So, what you will need to buy is acrylic powder, tips and nail glue. Among the advantages, acrylfix:

  • has quick application;
  • does not harm natural nails, if well applied;
  • helps with the durability of enamel;
  • it is cheaper;
  • can do at home.

The durability of this type of stretching is 2 weeks, due to nail growth, and maintenance is required after this period.

Remember that personal care is essential for us to reaffirm our personality and feel safe and better about ourselves. This is a demonstration of self-love and a therapeutic moment. In addition, it ensures comfort and greater self-esteem with your image.

As you can see, some types of nail extensions must be done by specialists to ensure health and durability. In other cases, with practice, it is possible to do it at home, but care and cleaning of the area must still be considered. That way, you’ll have the security of having healthy and beautiful nails always.

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