It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of skin care products, the important thing is that you use the products you have correctly. This directly affects the yield you will get from skin care products. It is therefore important to use the products in the correct order. Your daily skincare routine should be based on the principle of ‘cleansing (cleansing/tonic), moisturizing (serum/moisturizing)’. You can follow the same order day and night.


What should the skin care routine be like?

1) Start the cleansing process in the morning with a mild cleanser suitable for your skin type. In the evening, you can use the same gentle cleanser as in the morning. This cleanser, formulated for all skin types and with ‘InternalPowerResist’ technology, softens the skin while strengthening it and helping to remove pollution.

2) Wiping the skin with tonic is the second step of the cleansing process. The tonic supports the cleanser, allows the pores to breathe and tighten. While it smoothes and moisturizes the skin, it gently cleanses the dead skin and softens the skin.

3) If you’re using a special product, it’s your turn. Use your product focused on problem areas. Such as acne, blemishes, redness, etc. It creates a barrier on the skin against the formation of new spots. It keeps the skin moist for 24 hours to prevent the formation of fine lines caused by dryness.

4) If you are using a serum, go with it. Serums are concentrated products, their absorption is very good. They increase the effectiveness of the product applied on them. Therefore, be sure to use serum before moisturizer.

5) Apply your moisturizer to your entire face, neck and décolleté after Ultimune. A moisturizer with SPF during the day; Apply strong and targeted moisturizers in the evening.

6) Reward your skin once or twice a week. Use a nice moisturizing mask. It allows you to wake up in the morning with a fresh and moist skin.

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