Eyebrow Lifting Guide: Learn At-Home Brow Lifting Techniques

How to get eyebrows at home? We tell you the most practical ways to shape eyebrows! Eyebrow makeup tricks are not as difficult as you think! Do you think it’s crazy to get eyebrows at home too? Unfortunately, you are very wrong. Getting eyebrows at home is both economical and very practical. To get your eyebrows at home, you can have more beautiful eyebrows than the ones taken at the hairdresser by following the steps below in order. Although eyebrow removal may seem difficult at first, it will be very easy for you when you get used to it. After learning eyebrow removal techniques and eyebrow removal methods , eyebrow removal will be easier than ever!

Everyone’s right eyebrow shaping techniques can be different. Eyebrow plucking with tweezers, waxing or threading are the most common and reliable eyebrow removal techniques. After researching the eyebrow removal methods , you can start shaping your eyebrows by choosing the most suitable and easiest one for you.

Pulling Eyebrows with Thread

First, get in front of a mirror in a well-lit area. It is very important that the place where you will take your eyebrows is bright. So you can see everything clearly, including your tiny hairs. You can notice the excess eyebrows by scanning your eyebrows up and down. When combing your eyebrows, you can use an old mascara brush, toothbrush or eyebrow pencil brush. To draw eyebrows with thread, wrap a long string around your fingers and start drawing your eyebrows by moving them like scissors. Although it may seem easy to draw eyebrows with a thread, it is open to mistakes at first. For this reason, you should pay attention to the areas you take with the rope and take your eyebrows step by step.

Taking Eyebrows with Tweezers

Taking eyebrows with tweezers is one of the safest eyebrow removal methods. However, tweezing takes longer than other eyebrow removal techniques. Gather the eyebrow products to be used for prominent eyebrows under your hand, then start to get eyebrows. You should start by trimming your eyebrows. After combing your eyebrows up, slightly shorten your long eyebrows with the help of scissors. Thanks to this step, you will be able to see your eyebrows more clearly and understand which areas you need to shape. Where should your eyebrows be shortened?: You can shorten the long head and middle parts of your eyebrows. Since the eyebrows at the end can be combed to the side, their long length will not bother you. After shaping your eyebrows, you can fix them with eyebrow mascara.

Waxing Eyebrows

Waxing eyebrows is painful but the fastest way. Considering it will only hurt for a few seconds, we think it’s worth the pain! When waxing eyebrows, you should pay attention to the area where you apply the wax, you should not overflow it. Before waxing your eyebrows, you should definitely shorten your eyebrows. We recommend that you determine the start and end points of your eyebrows before you cut your eyebrows and start waxing them. For this, first take a pencil in your hand and place it perpendicular to the side of your nose. So you can find the starting point of your eyebrow. For the finish line, when you hold the same pencil from the side of your nose to your pupil, you have found the finish line of your eyebrow! Create an outline of your eyebrows by marking these two points.

Things to Consider When Buying Eyebrows

Before you get your eyebrows, you should definitely create a sketch. Based on the two points you drew while creating a sketch, start to draw your eyebrows in the direction of the exit. Don’t forget, thick, defined and natural eyebrows are in fashion this year! How to get thick eyebrows: For thick and natural looking eyebrows, remove the excess from the bottom of the eyebrows, not from the top. You should not thin your eyebrows while you are taking them, you should only collect your messy-looking eyebrows. So you will catch the thick eyebrow trend.

What Should You Do If Your Eyebrow Is Distorted While Removing It?

If you messed up the shape of your eyebrows, don’t be alarmed! You can turn your brows into a curved brow style that tapers off a row. After a few months, when your eyebrows grow, you can give the eyebrow shape you want again. For curved eyebrow removal , determine the point where your eyebrows are fully thinned, that is, the curve is formed. From this point, take your eyebrows with tweezers in one row and at the end of each row, comb your eyebrows up to see how it looks. Because very dense curved eyebrows can create unnatural looks. You should ensure that the curves of your eyebrows transition naturally from the middle to the end. How to get straight eyebrows: Instead of curved eyebrows, you need to eliminate the arch to make your eyebrows look straight. For this, you need to take the eyebrows to the right and left of the arch to equalize the arch at the top of your eyebrows. This will make your eyebrows look more even and straight.

How to determine the natural eyebrow shape?

If you want to have a natural eyebrow model, you should choose an eyebrow shape that suits your face shape. There is a very easy method for this: You can give the desired shape to the eyebrow shape by measuring 3 points on your face with an eyebrow brush or pencil. Place the tip of the pen where your nose ends. When you keep it straight and align it with your eyebrows, you can find the starting point of your eyebrows. When you align the curve of the eyebrow from the edge of the nose to the pupil, from the edge of the nose to the point where the eye ends, you can determine the point where the eyebrow should end. When you shape your eyebrows according to these points, you can get a natural eyebrow shape suitable for your face.

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