Silk eyelashes

Silk Eyelash Application Silk eyelash application is an application that increases the length and density of one’s own eyelashes and makes the eye structure look more aesthetic. Specially prepared eyelashes are adhered to one’s own eyelashes on the upper eyelid, one by one, with a medical adhesive produced only for eyelashes.

Classic silk eyelash is the addition of a single eyelash to each of your eyelashes. It is also known as natural eyelashes because it is not very dense.

How is Silk Lash Applied? The appropriate eyelashes are selected by evaluating the eye structure and desire of the person. Eyelashes without make-up are cleaned with a special cleaner, and are freed from oil and dust with a primer. The eyelashes are adhered to each eyelash by leaving a space (like 1 mm) where the person’s own eyelashes can breathe. It is a job that requires patience and effort and requires serious professionalism. How long is the Silk Lash application period? Silk eyelash application takes an average of 1 hour in relation to the person’s own eyelash density.

How Long Does Silk Lash Use? The duration of use of silk eyelashes is approximately 4-5 weeks, gradually decreasing. However, you can extend the service life with intermediate maintenance. Intermediate care should be done within a maximum of 21 days without a zero application, if the eyelashes are used well and the person’s eyelashes do not grow very quickly, the second care or even the third care can be done for 21 days. Thus, the period of use can be extended up to 2.5 or even 3 months. Our recommendation is to leave the eyelashes to be completely removed or spilled by removing the eyelashes within 21 days after 1 zero application so that their own eyelashes are not damaged and have a more aesthetic appearance. What is Silk Lash Care? The effect of the adhesive used in the silk eyelash application will gradually pass and the added eyelashes will fall off over time. In addition, your own eyelashes grow, grow (lengthen) and fall out, just like your hair, and a new one grows in its place. In silk lash care, new lashes are added to replace the fallen lashes by reducing the adhesive and renewing your own lashes. Does Silk Lash Shed Your Own Lashes? The answer we will give to this question is for our own applications; No it doesn’t spill. Silk eyelashes and glue will not damage our own eyelashes, as long as you do not try to remove the added eyelashes by plucking them yourself, as long as you do not rub your eyes. The specialist you have applied and the quality of the material used are extremely important details in both silk eyelashes and permanent make-up. What Should Be Considered After Silk Lash Application? In order not to reduce the effect of the adhesive, contact with water should be avoided for the first 24 hours. After the application, the eyelashes should be combed with the eyelash brush given to you in the morning, evening and especially after the shower. While cleaning the make-up around the eyes, alcohol-containing and oily cleansers should not be used, and finally the eyes should not be rubbed. Who Cannot Have Silk Lash Application?

  • Those with allergic eyes.
  • Those who have skin problems such as warts and styes on the bottom of the eyelashes.
  • Those with very oily skin can use it for a shorter time than other users.

What is Volume Lash? What is the difference with the classic? While a single eyelash is added on a single eyelash in classical/natural silk eyelashes, in volume eyelash, two or more eyelashes are attached on a single eyelash. The specialist who performs the application first combines the eyelashes chosen in his hand or on the table, takes a very small amount of glue and sticks it directly to a single eyelash of yours. Does silk eyelash and eyelash lifting damage the eyes? The experience of the practicing specialist is extremely important. In both applications, no substance comes into contact with your eyes. Frequent eye movements, opening the eyes immediately after the application, eyes that are extremely sensitive to light and watering, and minimal burns are normal. If you sense an abnormality during the application or if you encounter a situation such as the detention band being disturbed, you should definitely warn the specialist in order not to encounter situations such as blood in the eye, etc.

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