In order to have natural and thick eyebrows, we see people who have eyebrows transplanted, and those who lengthen their eyebrows for months. Thick and striking eyebrows both make the eyes look deeper and put an important emphasis on make-up. If you are complaining about thin and non-protruding eyebrows, you can benefit from eyebrow pencils.

Eyebrow pencils put a natural emphasis on the eyebrows and are easy to apply. Since it provides a controlled application, you can give your eyebrows the shape you want. Even the most inexperienced in shaping their eyebrows can do this properly with a pencil. Moreover, the most ideal product to make it look like there are eyebrows in the gaps due to its pencil form is the eyebrow pencil.

Also, eyebrow pencils have a softer tip than eye pencils and are easy to spread and distribute. Therefore, never use eyeliner instead of eyebrow pencil, since eyebrow pencils are specially produced for eyebrows, their structure is suitable for it; dispersible and powdery. Eye pencils, on the other hand, are harder, clear-lined and darker.

How to use eyebrow pencil?

To apply the eyebrow pencil, brush your eyebrows first with the eyebrow brush. With this process, you will get rid of the powder and foundation left on your eyebrows. Make line markings with a pencil to define the shape of your eyebrow, and do the same with the areas you want to fill. Then combine these lines with light strokes and fill your eyebrow. Then re-scan with the eyebrow brush… This final combing process gives your eyebrows naturalness and spreads the pencil homogeneously. You have already reached the shape and fullness you want!

Important: Your eyebrow pencil should never be darker than your hair and eyebrow color. You should use a pencil of the same shade.

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