How to Remove Gel Nail Polish Without Damaging Your Nails

As a woman, you must really like to take care of the health of your nails and use gel nail polish to make it look more beautiful. This gel polish is super glossy and lasts for weeks. However, the removal process takes time and can seriously damage your nails.

Nail damage occurs because of improper removal, not because of a bad product. Nail expert, Buddha Nail Studio, says that “Don’t rub, file, push, pick, or peel off nail polish,”. If you do this, you will remove the delicate keratin layer on your nails.

Here are some ways you can remove gel nail polish at home without destroying your nails .

First step

Forced to do everything at home during the coronavirus pandemic, these are easy steps to remove gel nail polish that you can do.

Rub the top off the gel lightly using a buffing block or soft nail file. This will break the top coat seal and help the gel release more quickly.

Second step

The next step is to remove the gel nail polish by soaking it. The first thing you do is cut the paper into small squares that will fit snugly against your fingertips. Then, cut the cotton into large enough pieces to cover the entire nail. Coat your cuticles and surrounding skin with moisturizer to protect your skin from the acetone, which dries out your skin. Soak the cotton that you have prepared in acetone and place it all over the nail surface to cover the gel. Wrap each finger in a small piece of foil to hold the cotton in place. Wait 10-15 minutes. If any gel remains, wrap the nail again in the cotton pad and foil and soak in five-minute increments until all of the gel is removed.

Third step

You can file your nails gently and use a nail strengthener. It repairs damaged nails with the power of keratin protein and moisturizing jojoba oil. Next, moisturize and harden the cuticles by massaging the oil into each nail for 10 seconds. Use one with a brush applicator so you don’t have to make your hands greasy.

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