How to choose nail nippers: guidelines

Nail nippers are essential accessories in the beauty sector, in particular for performing manicure and pedicure treatments in order to guarantee customers a precise result with attention to the smallest details.

To choose the type of cutter to use, factors such as material , blades , spring and length of the handle must be considered .

Nail nippers: main function

Its main function of the nail nippers is to cut the nails and remove the cuticles , i.e. the thickening of the skin, which form on the root of the nails and which must be decided whether to cut or not depending on the type of thickness.

First of all, you don’t need to be invasive, in fact if thin you don’t need to proceed with the removal, on the contrary, if thick you can use the nippers. To learn more about cuticles you can learn more by clicking here !

Regarding the cutting of the nails, however, care must be taken since it is necessary to follow the length of the free distal margin with the aim of shortening them and subsequently defining the shape with the file.

How to choose nail nippers?

The nippers must be carefully chosen by the experts in the sector, according to certain evaluation criteria. In addition to understanding which one is most suitable on a functional level, you need to know how to use and handle them well to avoid cuts, injuries or bleeding during the manicure or pedicure in your beauty center.

Let ‘s find out together a useful guideline that you can rely on in the selection phase!


There are numerous models and prices of clippers that you can buy, what matters is to ensure an excellent final and super professional job. The following characteristics must be considered :

  1. Stainless steel – material of the tool and blades for trimming thick cuticles; it is the preferred one since it allows you to sterilize the cutter in an autoclave and prevent it from rusting.
  2. Ergonomic design : to facilitate the grip and therefore the grip during its use;
  3. Type of spring : the single one is less flexible and allows you to perform a more delicate cut while the double one is more flexible, the blades move quickly and consequently the working times are also accelerated.
  4. Handle length : evaluate the choice of handles based on the shape and therefore on the size of the hand in which it is to be used.
  5. Cutting of the blades : it is selected according to the taste of those who perform the treatment, based on what is preferred. There are different lengths, there are those who, for example, use the 3 mm cuticle nippers to meticulously grasp the cuticle, those who use 5 mm or 7 mm .
  6. Rubber toe cap during purchase _
  • 3 mm cuticle nippers
  • 5 mm cuticle nippers

Guide to choosing the best cutter

Nail nippers: how to use

When using a nipper it is advisable to pay attention to the cut , which must be clean and precise without touching the nail plate. Before proceeding with this phase, it is possible to soften the cuticle area with a specially created product and after having cut them, you can follow with the nail filing phase.

Be careful to disinfect the nippers in the autoclave after each single treatment to ensure hygiene and safety both for your beauty salon and for those undergoing the manicure or pedicure treatment!

How to disinfect the cutter

Sanitizing work tools is essential to avoid the proliferation of viruses and bacteria and after this phase it is necessary to proceed with sterilization. This is the case of the nippers, which must be placed and disinfected in the basket of the ultrasound tank and then rinsed to remove the disinfectant residues. The final step involves the thorough drying of the tool since it must be placed inside a self-sealing bag. Thanks to these Buddha Nail Studio and advice on how to evaluate and buy clippers, you will surely be able to choose the best for you and your clients!

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