What is Gel Nail?

Prosthetic nails have been very popular lately. It is among the reasons why women prefer prostheses due to its easy deterioration and aesthetic appearance. Especially if you have a sensitive and fragile nail structure, gel nails will be a savior for you.

Gel nails are one of the artificial nail applications . It is a gel that is applied in the form of a layer on the nail and reveals a nail appearance that hardens as it dries. It is generally recommended to seek help from a professional during the application. It is a more preferred product than the acrylic nail model. For women who cannot spare time for hand care, it provides a manicure appearance that does not break easily and does not spoil immediately.

Ingredients Needed for Gel Nails:

  • UV nail gel
  • primary nail gel
  • UV drying light
  • nail brush
  • File
  • cuticle oil
  • cuticle pusher
  • Cotton

Before starting gel nail application

First of all, it is necessary to clean the remaining nail polish on your nail. Then file and shorten your nails and apply cuticle oil and gently push the cuticles. Afterwards, wash your hands with plenty of water to purify the cuticle oil. The cuticle oils remaining on the nails ensure that sufficient efficiency is not obtained during the application. To prevent the gel from peeling off, the nails are smoothed with the help of a paper file. After a thin primer application is applied on the nail, UV nail gel should be applied. As the first layer, it should be applied to the entire nail under UV drying light and dried for 2-3 minutes. In addition, to make your nails stronger, you should lie down for at least one minute after the application of 3 layers of gel. Nail roughness and the arrangement of the remaining beads on the nail are arranged with the help of a nail file.

The gap of a few millimeters left on the nail edges provides a more elegant appearance when applied while applying UV nail gel . If the cuticle gel gets on your skin, make sure to clean it.

How to Remove Gel Nail?

If you have performed the gel nail application with the help of a professional, you should also do the removal with a professional. If you have done this application yourself at home, you should apply a filing process to remove the gel nail. Then, with the help of 10 cottons divided into small pieces, acetone is poured on them and covered one by one on the nails and covered with aluminum foil. You should wait for this process for about 20 minutes. Finally, the remaining gel on the nail is cleaned with the help of a nail file. In this context, it is an application that requires a lot of attention. This should not be forgotten during application.

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