Nail Art Stamping

Do you want to decorate your nails but you are not very good at drawing? Would you like to recreate particular nail art but don’t have a steady hand? No fear! Nail art stamping has arrived. This new form of decoration simplifies life making nails enviable. In a short time he went around the world thanks to his extreme speed in reproducing perfect drawings effortlessly and without brushes.


To make a decoration with stamping you need 3 simple objects: Stamp, stamp and nail polish. A light layer of enamel will be applied on the chosen design printed on the appropriate disk, the excess enamel will be removed with the spatula and finally the design will be taken with a sort of stamp. Once the drawing has been taken, it will be applied to the already enamelled nails. It can be applied to both regular, permanent and gel polish. Result? Perfect and beautiful nails for every occasion. There is a huge range of designs on the market to make your nails flawless. This technique is ideal for decorating wedding nails, for important occasions but also for everyday life or formal occasions, also excellent for making your nails original on any occasion.

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