Care Recommendations for Dry and Cracked Hands in Winter

You should remove from your life the acceptances such as ‘my hands always dry in winter’. Drying of your hands in winter is actually an indication that you neglect hand care. In cold weather, the moisture content of our hands decreases and they become more prone to drying out. But you can stop this trend before your hands get dry and cracked. Taking care of your hands against the cold of winter is actually easier than you think. After discovering the best hand care cream for you, you can spend the winter days with soft and velvety hands like never before.

Why do our hands get dry in the winter?

With the effect of winter cold and wind, our hands become more open to wear. Washing your hands frequently on cold days and being in constant contact with hot water also causes the moisture in your hands to decrease. With the decrease in moisture in the skin, it may be inevitable to experience dryness in the hands.

The reason why our hands dry out more in the winter months is that our skin is dehydrated due to the cold and wind. In addition, while applying sunscreen and moisturizing care creams to your body in summer, your hands inevitably become moist. In winter, our hands need extra moisturizing care. After our hands begin to crack, a burning and itching sensation may occur on the skin. You will notice that the winter months are more comfortable when you moisturize your hands regularly before you reach this situation.

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