Natural Lip Augmentation Methods

One of the most popular applications today is lip augmentation. Lip fillings can be applied as surgical or non-surgical methods. The permanence of lip fillers performed in reliable centers lasts an average of 12-14 months. As long as it is applied correctly, it gives volume to the lips and a fuller image appears. In addition, there are natural methods of lip augmentation that we can apply at home, which are called semi-permanent. In this article, we will give you lip plumper recipes that you can easily apply at home, consisting of natural recipes.

1. Lip Plumping with Peppermint Oil:

Peppermint oil ranks first among natural lip augmentation methods. It is also very easy to apply. Take some peppermint oil and apply it on your lips. Your lips will start to burn, and then the color of your lips will look more vibrant. At this stage, your lips begin to grow and swell. You can achieve a feeling of freshness on your lips by using a natural lip balm mint product.

2. Lip Plumping with Honey:

The most used method after peppermint oil for lip plumping in natural ways is honey and toothbrush method. With honey, you can both get rid of the dead skin on your lips and make your lips plump. You can put 1 teaspoon of honey on your toothbrush and gently brush your lips for 5 minutes. As a result of this process, your lips will become fuller.

3. Lip Plumping with Cinnamon Oil:

Cinnamon oil contains a large amount of vitamin C and minerals. Cinnamon oil renews the skin, moisturizes it and makes it look alive. Gently brush your lips with a toothbrush in circular motions. Heat the cinnamon oil for an average of 5 minutes before applying. Let it cool down a bit, then apply the cinnamon oil on your lips. After the oil is absorbed, apply a little olive oil to your lips. After waiting for an average of 10 minutes, brush your lips again, then apply cinnamon oil. Finally, wash your lips with cold water. Moisturize your lips with moisturizer or lip care products when all procedures are finished . After approximately 20 minutes, you can use lipstick or colorant on your lips that you have applied lip augmentation process naturally.

4. Vitamin E Mask:

Vitamin E is intensely preferred among natural lip augmentation methods. To apply the mask, mix one ampoule of vitamin E, 5 spoons of olive oil and 4 drops of cinnamon oil in a bowl. Apply this mixture on your lips and leave it for 20 minutes. Then gently clean your lips with water. You can do the vitamin E mask 2 times a week.

5. Plumping Lips with Sugar and Olive Oil:

Mix 1 teaspoon of white sugar and 2 teaspoons of natural olive oil in a bowl. After brushing your lips with a toothbrush, peel your lips with the mixture you prepared with circular movements. After washing your lips with warm water, do not forget to moisturize your lips with a natural moisturizer or lip balm as the last step in the category of body care products . You can apply it every 2 days to see the benefits of this natural lip augmentation method.

Exercises for Natural Lip Plumping:

With the help of simple exercises that you can do while spending time at home, for example watching TV or cleaning, you can achieve your goal of lip plumping naturally. Here are some simple but effective exercises you should do:

1. Kiss Gesture:

Place two fingers of both hands around your lips while performing the kissing gesture. Squeeze your lips with support from your fingers. You can do this exercise at least 10 times a day.

2. Closed Laughing Gesture:

Another exercise that provides lip augmentation in natural ways is the closed laughing movement. To do this exercise, try to laugh with your mouth closed. Stay in a smiling position for 5 seconds, then return to normal. Then return to the smiling position. It is beneficial to repeat this movement regularly at least 10 times a day.

3. Pronunciation of the letter “O”:

When we say this letter, our lips come forward. During this exercise, stretch your lips forward in the same way and hold for 20 seconds. You can repeat this exercise at any time of the day, any hour.

Natural Lip Augmentation Techniques:

In addition to the natural lip augmentation methods we have listed, there are other techniques that you can easily apply at home:

1. Lip Plumping with Steam Massage :

To use the steam massage technique; Squeeze half of a lemon into a glass of boiled water.

Then hold your lips on this glass. The steam should touch your lips.

After the steam massage, apply moisturizer or lip balm to your lips, then pull your lips down for a while with your fingers. In addition, do not neglect your skin care routine with natural daily care creams.

2. Lip Plumping with the Spoon Method:

You can effectively plump your lips with the metal spoons we use for eating. In addition, this method is very effective and very easy to apply. First, leave the tablespoon in the freezer for an average of 1-2 hours.

Take the spoon out of the freezer and leave it at room temperature for one minute. If you take the spoon out of the freezer and apply it to your lip, the spoon may stick to your lip or burn your lip. This may even cause the skin on your lips to break.

Leave it at room temperature for one minute, then press the spoon against your lips for 30 seconds, then take a break for a minute. Repeat this process several times until you get the desired result.

The point you need to pay attention to in the lip augmentation method with a spoon is that the spoon covers your entire lip.

This application must be done with the help of a metal spoon. You cannot achieve the desired result with wooden or plastic spoons.

3. Lip Plumping with Chilli Powder:

Due to the bitter essence in the chili pepper content, it swells and plumps the lips in a short time.

This application makes your lips look fuller for a short time. If you want a longer effect, you may need to apply this method again during the day.

It is quite simple to apply the lip augmentation method with chili pepper. What you need to do is to mix chili pepper and water in a bowl and then apply it to your lips with the help of a toothbrush.

You need to keep the mixture you prepared on your lips for a short time. Finally, clean your lips with the help of water and get rid of the chili pepper.

4. Lip Augmentation with the Help of a Toothbrush

For natural lip augmentation, you need to get rid of the dead skin on your lips. With the help of a soft bristle brush, brush your lips by moistening them. This application, which you can do by adding toothpaste, will exfoliate the dead skin on your lips. Be careful to apply this mixture with small circular movements. Running the toothbrush on your lips will also accelerate the blood flow, so you can have full lips.

5. Plumping Lips with Ice Application:

Applying ice compresses to the lips temporarily makes the lip area become redder and fuller. Ice compress applied to the lips for two minutes gives quick results for natural lip plumping.

Tips to Make Your Lips Look Plump:

Plump and fuller lips are quite different. To make your lips look fuller, you can clean the dead skin with the help of a toothbrush.

You can apply a shade of light concealer around the lips or draw the edges of the lips with a white pencil.

Brown eyeliner is one of the methods that make the lips look fuller. Apply the pencil application only to the lower part of the lip. So shade your lips.

Dark lipsticks make your lips look smaller. For this reason, use lipstick in light shades.

After applying your lipstick, frame the lip edges with lip liner. For a natural look, use a pencil that is close to the lipstick and do not overdo the drawing.

Apply a mixture of honey and vaseline. This application makes the lips look fuller.

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