What is Prosthetic Nail? How to Make Prosthetic Nails at Home?

The popularity of long nails in the last few years has led to many different nail applications becoming a trend. Of course, the most preferred of these is the prosthetic nail. The prosthetic nail, which causes the shoe of the fake nails to be thrown out, is frequently preferred by many women because it is a permanent application for a few weeks, its length is determined according to preference, and it is decorated with the colors and shapes you want. Especially if you have a habit of nail biting, if your nails break frequently, or if your nails are peeling or cracking, you can have the long nails you dream of with false nails. So, do you know all the details about prosthetic nails?

What is a prosthetic nail? Prosthetic nail is a nail process done by adding different substances on your nails. It helps you to choose the size of your nails as you want, allowing you to have well-groomed hands. Thanks to its long-term use, it offers great convenience and does not cause any harm. prosthetic nail; Acrylic nails are made with options such as gel nails and dipping nails. You can make your prosthetic nails in a different way at the manicure salon you go to, or you can request that they be made from the material you want, according to your preference. So what is the difference between these 3 items? Prosthetic nail models and types Acrylic nail; It is obtained by mixing the pink powder powder with liquid and applying it on the nail and bringing it to the desired size and shape with brushes. Thanks to its special machine, this pink powder is hardened under the light and then you can use your nails easily. Gel nail; The most preferred option is gel nails. A prosthetic nail is attached to the tip of the nail and the space between the prosthesis and your nail is filled with gel. The upper part of this gel is thinned with special tools and hardened in special machines. Dipping nail; It is obtained by attaching specially produced fake nails to the nail and applying acrylic powder on the nail. This is not an option that is used very often in our country. Prosthetic nail making can take an average of 1 hour. After your nails are attached, you can choose nail polish in the color you want or you can have nail art done. Prosthetic nail supplies at home If you want to make prosthetic nails yourself at home, first of all, you need to obtain special materials for the prosthetic nail. Here are the materials you need;

  • Paper rasp and Buffer rasp
  • acrylic liquid
  • Pink acrylic powder
  • Special gel and polish for prosthetic nails
  • nail cleaning wipes
  • Brush
  • Tips Nail set
  • Nail scissors
  • UV device
  • Top coat

How to make prosthetic nails at home? Prosthetic nails are actually a procedure that requires expertise. It may require some effort in cases such as filing it correctly, adjusting its length, interfering with its thickness. But if you want to make your own false nails, you can try to follow the steps below.

  • First, start by manicuring your nails. Shorten and file your nails. Then push your cuticles back.
  • Since the layer on the top of the nails is oily, it will be necessary to mattify it. For this, file your nail tops with a buffer file and clean the top of all your nails with a cleaning wipe.
  • Choose the models that are suitable for your nails from the prosthetic nails you have purchased, and first try whether it fits on each of your nails.
  • Trim the nails to the size you want with nail clippers before inserting them.
  • Apply the special adhesive to your nails and stick the nails of your choice one by one.
  • Then fill the gaps with gel with the help of a brush. Make sure there are no thickness differences on it.
  • After applying the gel, put your nails in the special device and leave for 30 seconds.
  • After you are sure that it is dry, you can thin it and equalize its thickness.
  • As the last step, apply the top coat and dry it again with the device.
  • You can apply any color nail polish or permanent nail polish on it and make nail art. If you need different suggestions at this point, you can also take a look at our article on nail art trends .

How is prosthetic nail care done? For the care of your nails, you should definitely go to the place where you had them done once a month. Your extended nails are completed with gel and if you want to shorten them, you can file them. Also, be careful not to be too harsh on these nails and not to bump them. Pressure and bumping can cause your nails to break. Do not forget to apply a care oil or moisturizing cream to your nail bottoms frequently. You can also prevent drying out by washing your hands with a moisturizing soap.

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