Everything You Need To Know About Hand Creams!

ince hands are in constant contact with the outside environment, they are greatly affected by weather conditions. Moisturizing the hands regularly is extremely important for a well-groomed appearance. The ideal product for this is hand creams. Types of hand creams support hand care by preventing problems such as drying, cracking and redness that may occur in the hands in cold weather. You can make your hands, which are always in sight, softer with hand creams. So, what do hand moisturizing cream products do and what are the benefits of hand cream ? In this article, we have compiled the details about hand creams for you.

What is Hand Cream, What Does It Do? Hand creams can be defined as cosmetic products that provide hand care thanks to the special ingredients in their content. Hands need care due to the intense pace of daily life and fatigue. Hand cream products come to the rescue of users at this point. Hand creams that you choose with features suitable for your skin create a protective barrier on your skin, helping your hands look smoother. You can invest in a quality product for your hand care and see the effect by using the product regularly. In addition, the benefits of hand cream include positive effects such as refreshing the irritated skin tissue, contributing to the prevention of wrinkles and moisturizing the skin. What Should Be Considered While Buying Hand Cream? When choosing a hand cream, you should turn to options suitable for your skin type. If you have stretch marks on your hands, restorative hand creams are the ideal products for you. If you have dry skin, you can choose products containing coconut, jojoba oil, almond oil and olive oil. If you have signs of aging on your hands, you can try anti-aging and vitamin C-containing creams. How to Apply Hand Cream? Applying hand cream is an extremely simple application. Before using hand cream, you should make sure that your skin is dry and clean. Depending on your skin type and care needs, you can apply the cream you choose on your hands in the size of a chickpea seed, and apply the cream to your hands with a light massage. You should apply the hand cream not only on the hand, but also on the insides of the fingers, palms and joints. After waiting for the cream to be absorbed well into the skin, you can continue with your daily life. When and how often is hand cream applied? You can use the hand cream at different intervals depending on the dryness of your skin. The recommended frequency of use for hand cream is 2 times a day. You can use hand creams effectively by applying them to your hands, especially at the beginning of the day and before going to bed. Besides, during the day; You can easily use hand cream after showering, during resting times and when you need it. Which Cream Is Good For Dry Hands? If you have very dry hands, you can try creams with intense softening and refreshing effects. In addition, hand creams containing hyaluronic acid have the effect of giving intense moisture to the skin. Creams with jojoba oil and vitamin E offer ideal solutions for the moisture need of dry skin. You can take these points into consideration when researching hand cream recommendations for dry hands . Can Hand Cream Be Used on Face? It is not recommended to use creams specially produced for specific areas of the body in different areas, as it will not produce the desired effect. It is not correct to apply hand creams to the face, as the hand and facial tissue are not the same thickness and sensitivity. While hand creams mostly have formulas containing intense moisturizers, face creams offer water-based moisturizing properties. Is Hand Cream Used in Summer? Dry hands may occur in the summer due to the scorching effects of the sun. You can use hand cream to moisturize your hands in the summer, although not as intensely as in the winter months. When choosing a hand cream, you should consider your skin type and needs, and choose products from quality brands. By paying attention to the above points, you can easily choose the best hand cream and have well-groomed hands.

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