Can I swim with gel nails?

If you are thinking about whether prosthetic nails cause harm, as Buddha Nail Studio, we answer this question. You can contact us to get more information about the prosthetic nail procedure and to apply it.

If you cannot grow your nails, or if you have a nail biting problem, thanks to the prosthetic nail application, you can have long nails for life by having maintenance once a month and you can get rid of this habit in this way.

As long as regular monthly maintenance is performed, the duration of use of the prosthetic nail is unlimited.

Advantages of prosthetic nail;

  • The feeling of foreignness felt in false nails is absolutely not felt in Prosthetic Nail applications.
  • Prosthetic Nail integrates with you like your own nail, thanks to its natural appearance, it is never distinguished from the natural nail.
  • Prosthetic Nail is not affected by hot water, sea water, pool chlorine, soap and shampoo.
  • Prosthetic Nail can be easily removed by our technicians with special solutions.
  • The first application takes an average of 1 hour, our professional nail technicians provide service in the healthiest conditions with products approved by the Ministry of Health.
  • Acrylic or Gel applications are decided by our expert technicians according to the structure of the nail.
  • Prosthetic Nail users must use acetone-free nail polish remover, it is recommended to use gloves since chemicals containing acids (eg detergent) are used.
  • Prosthetic Nail Length can be adjusted as desired.

In prosthetic nail application, the preparation phase and the removal phase are important, in the preparation phase, the natural nail should be degreased and excessive filing in this purification process damages the natural nail. In the same way, filing is done in the removal process, but this filing should be done to the prosthesis. If it is done with an electronic file on the natural nail, it will damage the nail again. In summary, it is important that the person performing the application has enough knowledge and is professional. If the preparation and removal process is done correctly, the prosthetic nail does not damage the natural nail. However, in some cases, if care is neglected, some problems may arise.

If cleaning and hygiene are not paid attention during the construction phase, nail problems may be encountered.

If the necessary care is not taken when building or removing, great damage to the nails can be caused.

Over time, your prosthetic nails grow. It is advisable to visit your nail prosthesis place every two to three weeks to have the nails touched up.

For more information about the prosthetic nail procedure, you can visit our contact page.

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