Gel Nail Benefits and Disadvantages

Gel nail implantation is a similar method to powder nail implantation, the difference is that special materials are ready for this type of implantation and placed on nail type or natural nails, and then the special gel on the nail is used. They stabilize the UV station.

In Gel nail implantation, 2 to 3 layers of special gel are generally used on the nails and after each gel application, the gel on the nails is dried with a UV device. This method is usually faster than the powdered nail implant method.

Gel Nail Benefits

  1. The materials used in this method are generally odorless, unlike powdered nail implants.
  2. Gel nail implants are generally non-toxic.
  3. Nails planted with the gel method are generally more sensitive and natural than nails planted with the powder method, and therefore create a more natural and realistic appearance on the nails.
  4. This method is usually faster, and the method of working with it is easier and simpler than implanting powder nails.
  5. Gel nail implants are more durable and generally require less repairs.
  6. This method can also be used as a nail cover.

Gel Nail Disadvantages

  1. Gel nail implants are generally more expensive than other implant methods.
  2. Usually several salons offer this method of nail implantation to clients. In general, it can be said that 70 to 80% of nail salons use the powder method for nail implants and only 10% to 20% have gel implants!
  3. The special device (UV dryer) for this method of nail insertion usually has ultraviolet rays and is very harmful to the skin.
  4. As mentioned, gel nail implants have a delicate and natural appearance. If for any reason you need to remove the nail implant, it will be time consuming and difficult to remove this gel from the nail and this process can weaken the nail.
  5. To remove gel nail implants, Buddha Nail Studio should be visited and this must be done by a nail technician and should not be done at home in any way.

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