Nail polish: know their types and differences!

There are several nail polish options. Brands are always advertising about new news and trends. It’s amazing to find so many colors and finishes, but it can also make our selection difficult, right?

Which tone fits your style best? What is the ideal nail polish for a business event? If you have these doubts, this article is entirely yours. Let’s give tips to make these decisions and get the results right. Keep reading and find out more!

What are the types of nail polish?

Nail polishes may not always show their color when applied: texture and finish make all the difference in the result. Therefore, it is important to know the options and their features in order to be satisfied and achieve the desired look. Check out some of the main nail polish types below!

Creamy nail polish

Creamy nail polish has good coverage that is consistent and not too sheer. The finish has a subtle sheen that adds beauty and common sense. It can be found in a wide variety of colors, from neutral nudes to the lightest reds. This model, which has such a variety, is one of the most common and beloved models of the public.

Sparkling nail polish

The shimmer has a more intense shine in its finish. Since the concealer is a little more transparent, it is often applied next to a creamy nail polish. It is a beautiful complement that comes in different colors and brings a special touch to the nails.

Satin Nail Polish

In the case of matte enamel, the surface is completely opaque. There is no shine and the texture is a little rough. This is a modern trend with many beauties that stands out precisely in its differences. It dries quickly, but the time is not too long. If you want a middle ground between matte and creamy, you can choose satin nail polish.

Neon nail polishes

Neon nail polishes are cheerful and flashy. They bring vibrant colors, for example, in shades of yellow, pink, orange, green and blue. Depending on the intensity, it is possible for them to glow even in the dark. Information can be found in the product description. The finish is usually semi-matte and puts a slight sheen on top of all the vibrancy!

Pearly nail polishes

Pearlescent nail polish has a delicate shine. An elegant look is ideal for being discreet and glamorous at the same time. You can find dark tones and light tones, even nudes, by choosing the best option for every moment.

Glitter nail polishes

This type of nail polish can be delicate or flashy: it all depends on the glitter particles that make it up! They may appear more or less, thicker or thinner.

But the idea is always the same: to give the nails a beautiful look. You can find options with transparent or colored backgrounds with a wide range of options to choose from.

Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail polish has the best hold. Its coverage is durable and the consistency is thicker, which provides good durability. Using it longer is an ideal option to keep your nails painted longer. The coating on this model usually brings a slight shine.

How to choose the best nail polish color?

Now you can choose the type of nail polish that suits you best, taking into account your moment, your routine and your preferences.

As we mentioned earlier, the models above are available in several colors and it is important to consider this as well. The look is even more incredible when we choose the right shade with the best finish. Check out the clues and hit the curtains!

Consider your personality

The most important thing is that you like the result. So choose a color that suits your tastes, personality and what you want to express. For example, it is possible to take into account your mood and even your emotions. Colors can show them or bring new sensations.

Don’t get so attached to trends and patterns: the main thing is that you are comfortable with your decision. After all, the idea is to take care of yourself and feel good!

Consider the opportunities

If colors are sending a message that expresses our mood and part of our personality, it is also very important to consider the situation. If you have an event or commitment during the week, be sure to consider that when making your selection.

For a job interview, for example, discreet tones are recommended. You can opt for soft, neutral or off colors without too much decoration. If the occasion is a modern and simple party, light shades are welcome! Take this into consideration to also consider the designs, decorations or painting style to be made.

Consider your appearance

Painted nails are a great addition to the look! You can combine the same colors, different tones or harmonious colors. For example, if you are going to wear a denim dress, you can choose a blue nail polish that looks more like an outfit or a vibrant pink nail polish that stands out and draws attention.

This is another time to express yourself and be creative; so value your taste and style. The combination can be made with accessories, shoes or make-up as well as clothes.

Try nail polish varieties

It is best to experiment to find your favorite colors! However, if you already know the tones you like, be sure to innovate and explore other ideas as well. Many for accessories, decorations and nail styles.

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